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Bomba de Aquí, a dance and music company that performs and teaches Afro-Puerto Rican traditions in the Massachusets area.  We provide a series of dance workshops in various locations including:  public schools, colleges, churches and more !   We educate the community about  the history of Afro- Puerto Rican music.  Our goal is to foster understanding of the richness of PR traditional arts and encourage active participation in that heritage. This is particularly important for Latino/a students. (Non-Latino/a students will not be excluded.) Instruction will be in both Spanish and English.


Multi-Cultural Learning  Center

Our Goals:
1) to present accessible public traditional music programming, 
2) to expose inner city youth and others to the cultural heritage of Puerto Rico and encourage their active participation in these traditions, and 
3) to perform a repertoire of works embedded in the rich tradition of Puerto Rican folk music to audiences everywhere.


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During COVID times we had started everything thru zoom. 



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Springfield, MA, USA

(413) 314-8710 OR (413) 523-6770

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